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In the case of slight lengthening of indomethacin pills, the disease may remain latent for a long time. The first and main sign of dolichocolon is stool retention for more than 3 days. There is a change in the appearance of stool. Patients may be bothered by a feeling of incomplete bowel movement or a sensation of obstruction in the rectum. In advanced cases, patients use various manual techniques that facilitate the passage of feces. Constipation may be accompanied by pain without a clear localization, bloating and difficulty passing gas.

On palpation, local pain is detected in the navel area and in the left half of the abdomen. The general condition of the patients is not impaired; with a long course of the disease, symptoms of asthenia may occur. For the complicated course of dolichocolon, asymmetry of the anterior abdominal wall, insufficient participation of the abdomen in respiratory movements, disturbances in the general condition, and changes in the nature of local symptoms are typical.

Most often, dolichocolon leads to buy indomethacin online intestinal obstruction due to blockage of the overstretched intestine with solid feces. Patients experience sharp diffuse abdominal pain, acute retention of stool and gas. If this complication is not diagnosed in a timely manner, ischemia of a section of the intestinal wall occurs. Patients may also experience intussusception (invasion of a section of one intestine into another), which is accompanied by intense pain up to the development of painful shock.

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Grozny is complicatedDolichocolon is a volvulus of the sigmoid colon, which is characterized by a mortality rate of up to 15% even with medical care. With intestinal necrosis, the mortality rate can reach 46%. With a prolonged course of the disease, patients experience disturbances in the processes of digestion and absorption of indocin, leading to significant loss of body weight. A specific complication of the disease is also possible - loss of the defecation reflex, which requires long-term treatment.

The possible presence of dolichocolon is indicated by anamnestic information about chronic constipation, which is not explained by other functional or organic pathology. When examining a patient, an integrated approach is used using laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods. The most informative for confirming the diagnosis of dolichocolon are. In the absence of complications, the indicators of general and biochemical blood tests are without deviations from the norm. To buy indocin online symptoms of malabsorption, a coprogram is prescribed. As a modern method of intestinal visualization, virtual computer colonography can be used, which allows you to determine the size of the intestine without filling it with barium suspension.


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Data from anorectal manometry and morphological analysis of biopsy samples are also taken into account. In addition to examination by a proctologist, the patient may need to consult a gastroenterologist.

Differential diagnosis of dolichocolon must first be carried out with Hirschsprung's disease. The main diagnostic criterion is the result of a test for the activity of the acetylcholinesterase enzyme in the area of the colon mucosa. With idiopathic bowel elongation, take indocin pills result is negative.